Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Random Links Feb. 03 15

Fox’s Shep Smith Exposes Audience to Searing Evil of Islamic State 

Obama’s ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ Not a Strategy Against Terrorism
DIA: Islamic State Spreading Beyond Syria and Iraq
Obama Doesn’t Know What Ideology ISIS ‘Is Operating Off Of’
Orwell and the Administration: The White House as the Ministry of Truth 

Hamas on Campus: ‘Zionist Lobby’ Can’t Take a Joke 
Muslims Demand Teacher Be Canned for Showing Muhammad Cartoons
Wanted: Uber-Ized Education

 The Police No Longer Work For You
 2nd Amendment Threatened In Obama's Trade Plans
 Federal Bill Would Make Owning Body Armor Punishable by 10 Yrs
 Federal law proposed to ban body armor stirs up debate

 A Quick Guide to Obama’s New Budget
 Gallup CEO Calls Unemployment Rate ‘Big Lie’ 
 They call them “economic laws” for a reason

The end of Europe? Why Greece's exit from the euro would have repercussions far beyond economics.
The Globalization Of Conservatism
The tyranny of theory by Gary Saul Morson

Mark Levin Goes Off On Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham
How to Make Young People Conservative

The Mess
 Were the F-35 Plans Intentionally Leaked to the Chinese?
 Radio Shack's Missed Opportunity with DIYers
 Your Body's Not Stupid, And It Has A Brain

The Others
Tuesday morning links - Maggie's Farm
Larwyn's Linx: Obama Is Openly Colluding with the Enemy
Ace of Spades Tuesday news dump

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