Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama getting Desperate, McCain getting Focused

The Pennsylvania attention is interesting. Obama is ahead there almost entirely from the support around Philadelphia, 2-1 support. I don't buy that in the suburbs. Evan if that is so, some of those people will move with the new focused message of McCain, even if it is still a little weak.

On the stump Obama, to me, to be losing the focused speech giving. Stumbling over word, the message seem a little muddled. Yesterday he was giving the McCain is Bush lines and said that McCain supported 4 out of 5 Bush budgets. Only 4 of 5, not helping your case. People are not Completely sold. Then he starts on he is worse than Bush. If you can't effectively sell the basic idea why would you go even farther? Desperation?

McCain is focused. Hitting the redistribution head on. Using the stand up and fight lines with the basic American ideas. The confident delivery and the stark contradiction between the redistribution and the American Ideas may be enough to move the masses.

I am going to stand with my McCain By 5

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