Friday, October 31, 2008

Obama the Twenty- First century American Marxist: My Election Choice

I have been on the fence between a third party and McCain. Up until two days ago I wanted to very much vote for a third party. I feel that if enough people voted for the first third party on the ballot it would be looked at as a no confidence vote. I really thought that it was the time to brake the political cycle. I do not look at it as a wasted vote. I look at voting for one of the two party persons as a wasted vote. Is, up til now, their been any real change,common sense, out of the box candidates? Obama fall into this category in the worst way.

Is he a Marxist? I have been finding Barrack Obama or trying to.

The answer. No, not in the 20th century, Stalin, kill millions, reeducation, work camp sense of the word. It seems more of a fuzzy, help the less fortunate at all cost, social justice, restrict everything until the only thing left is want he wants. An twenty- first century American Marxist.

He is most defiantly an ultra liberal with strong leftist leanings. And congress is on board if not driving the train.

Okay so Business is evil, employee free choice act, fairness doctrine, stifling of speech, shouting down fair points, calling everything racist, the reeducation of social justice and liberation theology, direct wealth redistribution, uh

gun regulation to get rid of all guns, global warming bs, fantasy green revolution, free heath care, free preschool, pay for college , pay for, free, !!, national security force, brown shirts?,uh

Pacifist or appeasement foreign policy, cut the military by 25 when it should be at least a 100% increase, Questionable Opposition to the nightmare leaders in the middle east, agreeing with the worst parts of European thought, I am not even sure where he is on the Muslin rights? crap in Europe, Uh

Multicultural suicide, the Gaul invasion (sorry the welcoming of the undocumented workers). Oh the Newsspeak(1984), sharing the pie, "he will never let you go back to the way things were, no media opposition.Uh

Restrict everything until the only thing left is want he wants. Cuba? Soviet Union? China? Didn't we fight a cold war for fifty years against this type of ideology? I still wanted find a way to vote third party. Then.

The death of freedom in one nice quiet move is possible. uh

I have a dream of a bright future, it hasn't died yet. But is far far closer to it's death than I thought possible in the United States of America.

A new darker dream is beginning to form. A dream of my name in stone just below the self reliant, individual patriot of the former United States of America that I was killed next to. One of many stones just outside the capital, burnt to the ground and buried. The White House replaced with the largest of all of the stones that dot the land in little groups from coast to coast. In small letters near the bottom:

In remembrance of the second revolution for freedom, may we never forget

May we shed no more blood over failed ideas of the extreme.

Some thing like that. My point I am as much as I don't want to be in the NObama camp.

Voting Against Obama Not For McCain. I, WE Have no Choice!

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