Friday, October 17, 2008

Finding Barack Obama

I worry that I have a completely distorted view of Barack Obama. Is he really a socialist, Marxist, or communist. The last two would be very 1984 and harder to pin down. The first would be enough to off put most people, I hope.

I wonder if i read to much Conservative writing. Then I look at who he has worked with, what he has said and what he has done an I am back to how is he not losing by double digits. Put aside the skepticism and the partisan filters and look for a while.

I have tried not to link to the less credible and right wing talking points. Get a drink, sit, read and question.

Thank you to American Thinker for its continued collecting of thoughtful articles.

Start here with the overview

Why Obama's socialism matters
"It took Marx and Engels to carry socialism to the next level, in which they envisioned the complete overthrow of all governments, with the workers of the world uniting so that all contributed to a single socialist government, which in turn would give back to them on an as needed basis. Assuming that you're not big on individualism and exceptionalism, this might be an attractive doctrine as a way to destroy want and exploitation, except for one thing: It does not take into account the fact that the state has no conscience. "
This article is part 3 of 3 with foot notes and the like. Draw a different conclusion if you want but look at the source and decide for yourself.

Obama's Religious Ruse: The Cult of the Marxist Messiah
"For Obama, that "larger project" of his agenda is America's servitude to Marxist socialism, for which Christian verbiage can be made a tool of manipulation. As far back as 1995 Wright's disciple and Bill Ayers' protégé disclosed that to establish the "new age" of collectivist "salvation" will require compulsory "sacrifice" of Americans' liberty:"
Some of the connections in Obama's early days are a little sketchy. There is a link to a great post Obama, the Closer at NRO

Obama's Radical Revolution:Its Alinsky Root and Global Vision
"It was time for the radicals to change tactics, and follow Alinsky's advice. They remained convinced of their destiny to be the ones to bring the U.S.A. into the fold of the international socialist collective. They began to organize, go to law school, run for public office, whittle away at traditional American institutions, and in all ways prepare for "The One," their closer."
I am not for linking Obama to Ayers but some direct questions need to be asked of Obama not on his relationship with him but on what Obama thinks about specific ideas Ayers believes.

On Bill Ayers and small 'c' communists
"Now when your friendly neighborhood "small ‘c' communist" comes along, all smiles, and offering love and peace, we need to say just one thing: One Hundred Million. If that doesn't wipe the smile off their faces they are beyond human reach. By that act of willed ignorance they have exiled themselves from the company of decent people."
All that said there is not a crystal clear link to a socialist/Marxist view from Obama, just a very strong circumstantial case. Enough for me to run and hide if he gets in. Maybe he is just at the very collectivist/giant government end of the liberal spectrum. Then there is this.

Obama's Global Tax
"Senator Barack Obama's sponsorship of Senate Bill 2433 aligns with the emerging core theme of his general election campaign. The change he promises will bring much-needed relief, not just to America's victims of economic injustice, but to victims worldwide."
Liberals Rethink Free Speech
"Enter the Obama campaign, which reflects the new ethos. It twice issued "Obama Action Wire" alerts for activists to call a Chicago radio station and try to shut down appearances by two Obama critics, writers Stanley Kurtz and David Freddoso. No "chilling effect" here. CNN and the Chicago Tribune reported on the effort to silence Obama's detractors, but mostly by way of noting the Obama camp's tech-savvy mustering of its supporters."

Obama Wages War on Freedom of Speech
"If candidate Obama is willing to have people arrested when they say things about him that he doesn’t like, will President Obama have the vision or courage or understanding to stand up against the OIC when it demands restrictions on freedom of speech at precisely the same time that he wants to build bridges to the Islamic world and demonstrate his power to restore hope and bring change to old stalemated conflicts?
Obama's Toothless Second Amendment
"Obama's view is similar to that of Justice Stephen Breyer, who dissented from the Supreme Court's decision. Even if the Second Amendment protects an individual right to armed self-defense, Breyer said, that right has to be weighed against "other important governmental interests." And since a gun law like D.C.'s might reduce violent crime (never mind the lack of evidence that it actually has), the courts should yield to legislators' judgments about how best to strike the balance."

You want to see what the results of all this look to the U.K. It is NOT pretty!

SO? Huge government, redistribution of wealth, government knows best, social justice, heavy regulation of business (big business is evil), criminalizing speech and taking the guns away.

Only the Government can save you, not you or your neighbors or capitalism or your God, Only the government, the government is your family is your God. 1984?

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