Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Rules For John MCcain in the Third Debate.

1. Do not say Ayers, Rev. wright or ACORN in the context of voting.

You are trying to get those in the middle. They have written off Ayers and Wright as guilt by association, as important as it might be its not working well. ACORN and voting are being mitigated and with the small number that are in question maybe it should.

Instead of Ayers talk about the CAC and who they gave money to. Start with the Kurtz' Wright 101. Quote from as many mission statement and publications as you can find.

Instead of Rev. Wright talk about Social Justice, Liberation Philosophy and Theology. The similarities to Marxist thought, how this has lead to God backing socialist views and once that happens it becomes untouchable at least in the political world.

Instead of Talking about the ACORN and the voter registration talk about there housing activities.What is their mission statement.

2.Spend half the time being brief and concise on the economy. Half asking Obama questions.

You economics plan is out there. Be honest the President has little to to with the economy and the situation is likely to be vastly different by the time you take office. Don't dodge, brief and concise and don't take any bate to get into the weeds.

Questions for Obama:
Are you tax cuts for 95% tax rate cuts or tax credits?
If I pay no income tax now will i get money from the government?
Is that just welfare by another name?
What is social justice?
If we live in a free society that who imposes social justice?
Is warning people that Republicans are going to "scare you with he is different" fear mongering and somewhat racists?
Are you a Democrat, Liberal Democrat or a Democratic Socialist?
Is being my brother and sisters keeper a job for the government?

3. Trap him on using the race card, the double standard and the socialists ideas.

Those who might be really offended are not voting for you anyway.
Quote the comments of Rep. Lewis, Rev Jackson and mention the endless discussion of how race effects the election. Larry King had the headline Does the economy trump racism. So let me get this straight if people may get over the racism because of the economy Obama wins if not he loses because of racism? Hit this head on. There enough clear examples of this to make your point.
Make it clear that a liberal liberal is just that but a very liberal liberal is a socialist. Let your surrogates lay out Why Obama's socialism matters and Why Obama's Communist Connections Are Not Headlines

Trap him by asking if this is fair. Does this sort of thing chill speech? If you treat people as victims are they? Quote Marx, Stalin or Mao, not the blatant ones but ones some will recognize and ask him if he agrees.

“Political work is the life-blood of all economic work.”
or “Genuine equality between the sexes can only be realized in the process of the socialist transformation of society as a whole” -Mao
"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.
" -Marx

4. Be Mad, Be very mad.

How long did you spend in Hanoi fighting the communists? "I spent ect to protect democracy from communists and socialist I can not sit here and let one waltz into the White house, hell yes I am mad." Along those lines.

Get mad about Bush weak monetary policy, Greenspan keeping rates low as long as he did, the encouragement by those in the Congress that encouraged Fanny and Freddy, those on wall street that really did wrong, and those groups who pushed the sub prime loans.

Get mad about this double standard on race, the chilling of speech, the oppressive pc environment, intellectual dishonesty on all sides, those who don't answer question when directly asked and the shouting down of those who disagree.

5. Slogans and 30 second clips.
Hell no Socialists NO
I was in Hanoi fight the communist ect
Obama talking about Social Justice
Obama explaining why he is not a communist.
Obama defending the ideas of Ayers and Wright not distancing himself from them.
McCain to Obama's face telling him he won't allow those he put his life on the line to protect us from into the White House.

Hit this guy, You have very little to lose at this point. Have you looked at the electoral map? Do not worry about those that will not vote for you anyway.


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