Friday, October 17, 2008

Not Joe the Not Plumber

His name is Sam, okay he wants to be called Joe. fine
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He doesn't have a plumbers license in his state so he is not a plumber. WTF! What the hell are they laughing at. They didn't vet the guy? If the man can do the job and does it day in and day out then in my book he is a FREAK'N PLUMBER! He doesn't have a license ha ha. WTF.

AC360 is increasingly making me sick. I am hoping they name someone on the left in his top ten to blame for the financial mess, but not holding my breath.

Not a plumber
go use your 15 mins. to make you self some money little man and shut up. WTF

I would be more pissed but i am trying to keep it clean

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