Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cult Of Personality, Recognize Anything?

Not sure what this board is for but seems to do a good job on this subject.

The Cult of Stalin and Propaganda

"A cult of personality is the creation of a heroic or godlike public image through mass media and propaganda. Cults of personality are usually found in dictatorships and backward nations. The main reason to create a cult of personality is to obtain undying devotion of the people. When people started worshiping Stalin as a god, he was given ultimate power."
"There are 4 main ways Stalin’s cult of personality was created:
  • Censorship of anything that might reflect badly on Stalin
  • Propaganda everywhere - pictures, statues, continuous praise and applause, Places named after him
  • Word of mouth: Mothers taught their children that Stalin was ‘the wisest man of the age’
  • History books and photographs were changed to make him the hero of the Revolution, and obliterate the names of purged people (e.g. Trotsky)."
Race baiting? The constant deflection of questions? The last post? We have not gotten to the stage where they can use the last. They may never get there directly.

"Stalin deemed education to be a vital part of c being a communist, because if children are taught to be communists the brain washing is more effective. Stalin reformed the education system when he came to power."
I have not talked to much on the education non sense, but If your fair there is at least a strong tilt toward leftist views. They should cover the other points of view but don't. David Horowitz, for good or bad, gives a good description. (Unfortunately you need real player)

The kind of education Stalin did is exactly what we call reeducation.

"The Russian people shouldn’t be blamed for the atrocities that were that were made possible through their support of the regime and Stalin

Continues propaganda effectively brain washed and clouded their judgment

They truly believed that Stalin was unaware of the crimes on humanity that became so banal during his rule and though"
This is exactly my fear. We are there in sum respects. We are not killing people but if a leader can do not wrong what will they do.

This model was used in Germany, China(and still is, Did you see Koppel on Discover) and North Korea.

As always Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely.

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