Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's 1984 Kids

I hate to reference Orwell over and over but with my limited education I don't have a more appropriate example.

Where to begin?

Orwell, children where told in school and at every turn to inform on there parents for every infraction of any form against the government.

Kids know better?

Giving your grandmother attention just to get her to vote Obama. Wow i thought you talked to them because they are your grandparents. Hey, you might learn something.

Oh and lets threaten them to. I might have taken that tact to get them to see a doctor or take their pills maybe? but not very likely.

My parents are responsible for the decline of the US because they don't vote. (mine do actually
and registered long before I can remember) How about the political system in general? lack of real leadership across the board? And several hundred other thing on the list before people not voting?

13? have you even had much 20th century US history yet. Do you know capitalism, Marxism, the rise and fall of USSR, Jimmy Carter, Water Gate, and anything else that might have an effect? What about all the games that are played by politicians?

This comes from Obama The Talk, the recruiting page for the under age and under informed.

Pissed! How often do you see or hear of parents bow down to their children? grow a spine and put them in their place. When you know some history and understand a little more about how all this actually worked then talk to me. So be Quiet and go to school, not that that will help, when you turn 18 I'll listen If you have a point , good. Most likely I will have to correct all the crap that they learned and fill the giant gaps the just happened to be left out.

Found through: Obama Campaign Urges Kids to Have 'The Talk'

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