Friday, February 6, 2009

General Senate Stimulus Passing Rant

4 on the compromise
Live Blogging the Abortion
Senate Agrees On Stimulus Bill...
Senate Leaders Reach $780 Billion Compromise
Senators Reach Deal on $780 Billion Stimulus Bill

Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Thinks they will pick up support? And says there is a 2T hole in the economy we have to plug?

How about the 53t off budget hole for SS? How about the ? for off budget Iraq, Fanny & Fredie and some other bail out money? You can't plug the hole indefinitely. You can't just keep spending. Heal the hole. leverage some of this money. don't just keep spending.

Can the Repub. stop bitching about bipartisan crap and the pork. that is the least of the problems.

Make the tax cut argument stop just saying its better explain. Pull out the regulatory nonsense. DO NOt argue The freakin Pork. Mention it every time you talk but stop harping on it.

When will the welfare food stamp ect. addons stop? Why was the McCain sunset stopped.

The blocking of religion in buildings if any money is spent from this plan. If your going to say its been in bills for 40 yrs? Show me one. Get it in to the public.

the heath care board? Get it in to the public.

The Illegal immigrant loop hole (#5) I have not even tried to read through the "bill". I have not seen an argument that even comes close to explaining any of this. STop talking about the pork!

Obama's spending is stimulus last night. It sounds as if he told the Reid to GET this done. He is not playing" hacky sack and waxing sophomoric philosophy that he doesn't understand because he has not lived long enough." He may be a closet dictator waxing sophomoric Philosophy.

Senator Graham on the floor tonight said he didn't know if we could recover from this. he back peddled a little. GRAHAM said it. Hanety and Beck have been saying it for a while. I don't want to believe it. I never wanted to but I am there now. Look back at the rise of other socialist countries. Once we are there it is hard if and impossible if they take the guns. Beck is leaning now to a communist style government. Some one Please find a flaw in his overall logic on the matter. please

HAve we all read 1984? Or better Animal Farm they are not meant to be history books. They where a warning that is lost. There where signs. There where any number of post just on this little blog around the election.

Moving the 2010 census to the white house? Really Great! Fairness doctrine? Gun control. Big Labor wishes coming true. More people working for the gov. every day. Social Justice true believer in the white house. Foreign policy is heading right for appeasement territory. Gitmo?
Bush investigations . Fist Bumping in the white house and Jess Simpson? have u no class sir? Leader of the FREE WORLD!?
I could watch CNN for five minutes and keep going but i won't


Oh the top 2 links say they may just add everything back in committee. They may lose the Repub. they gained they may loose when the final bill come to the floor.

I not turning out the lights yet but it is fading.

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