Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SCHIP and A Heath Care Nanny Board, We Will Be Boxed In

I don't know what i was thinking. I looks like Mr. Obama was going to at least play at being a pragmatist and take it slow for a while. I had forgotten i had written about the Obama nuclear option. It was not quite right. He will let the house crazies do it for him and he will play nice from the White House.

Had not read the bill and was not convinced that this was not just the run of the mill liberal expansion of government. I don't like it, think it is a waste and just wrong. But i could live with it.

It is not typical liberal spending. On heath care from American Thinker.
'Section 9201 of the stimulus package establishes the "Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research." This body, which would be made up of federal bureaucrats will "coordinate the conduct or support of comparative effectiveness and related health services research."'
checked that's what it says

'Tom Daschle, was kind enough to explain the goal of this organization. It is to cut health care costs by preventing Americans from getting treatments that the government decides don't meet their standards for cost effectiveness. In his 2008 book on health care, he explained that such a council would, "lower overall spending by determining which medicines, treatments and procedures are most effective-and identifying those that do not justify their high price tags." '
That I don't know that for fact. It sounds exactly like the last part of socialized heath care, just before the socialized society kicks in. Pass the little expansions of heath care like SCHIP til every one covered. then start with the food taxes, weight checks and screens in all rooms waking you up and watching to make sure you do your exercise.

They seem to be smarter than that. start at the bottom and sneak one of the keystones of socialized medicine in. Box it all in. I don't know how much force of law this board has. The board may do the rest. At the very least it will give the collectivists numbers to point to or write reports they can just pass and hide behind. It is down to just fill in the box after this.

America in Name Only?

There is no fixing this bill. Filibuster. Any that is not a leftist should remember that they have to live hear to and with themselves.

I don't say this lightly. If you let this pass it will very likely kill off what is left of what America was meant to be. Not right now but it will be dead in just a generation or so. It is in your power to stop this current assault.

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