Thursday, November 13, 2008

Will Obama Use His Nuclear Option

Obama will govern from the center because he is a centrist at heart? He doesn't want congress stealing his thunder and forcing their agenda? The country is really in the middle and I should follow the will of the people? He just wants to win in 2012?

I don't think he can fight his ideology. Marxist? Ultra left? Whatever you want to call it.

The nuclear option. Turn into the left full speed. Day one repeal every executive order he wants and ram every piece of legislation he wants through congress. Take all the air out of the political discourse. The groups on the left will give him all the room he needs. The right's heads will spin so fast they won't know were to begin. They will grab on to the economic portion and only scream briefly about the rest. The main stream will spend so much time just trying to explain it all the general public will have little idea what is going on. "Obama said their will be change"

How? Hide most of it behind the economic crisis. Give a speech with lots soaring vague rhetoric. "We have to save the economy." Obama will easily tie card check and heath care to the economy. He might even make an argument for the Fairness Doctrine buy linking all the talk, or misinformation as it will inevitable be called, to uncertainty in the economy. Of course that has to be controlled as well if we want to "SAVE The Economy."

The evidence, nothing direct. Democratic members of Congress are positively giddy. They keep making endless comment that are at best a serious distortion of the American system and at worst a veiled prelude to a communist take over. I think it is on the best end, but the path is open to the worst.

Obama has been quiet. He has been sending people to meetings of all kinds. Are they just listening, giving their views to these people and groups, or just flat out subverting any thing and everything they can softening the ground for their agenda?

SAVE The ECONOMY will be the battle cry that trumps every thing. It can be easily done. Very few people pay enough attention to see all that they are doing. If you attack hard enough those on the right as the problem, then no one in the middle will pay any attention to what you are really doing and the right will not be able to defend themselves fast enough. The nuclear option that launches the "Revolution of Change"? Obama is very smart and a great politician. I just hope that he is not that good.

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