Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Q.H. - Gore and judges

This has been around for a while. My question is what is next? I produce carbon. Do I have to pay or do the employer have to pay? Does gravity cause something? Oxygen causes rust and such. May be we should make a whole new marked for the use or production of oxygen. Just the parts that go into the atmosphere. It causes rust you know.

We Need Sustainable Capitalism -

One more reason the Obama Presidency might be a complete nightmare. Still hope that the damage that might be coming is reversible. I not sure that damage, in general, done under Bush is reversible. The bailoutishthingy.

The Hill Mobile - With other branches in hand, Dems now turn to the judiciary

And the bonus you don't want.
NBC2 News Online - Feds investigating sheriff after 'Hussein' remark

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