Monday, February 9, 2009

First Obama Press Conference

He is who he is. It when well. He is a collectivist hack. We have gone from realizing there are true socialists in our government to socialists idealist.

Stop Helen Thomas. Don't call on Hufpost people. Do you really want to talk baseball when yo say the sky is falling. I am just going to do a few quick hits in this. Just not in the mood to burn straw men all night.

Japans lost decade? Not an economist. 6 Trillion in spending and that didn't fix it? Their are arguments all over on it. My question is do you want to multiply the debt by four and what didn't work

FDR? Your surprised he was wrong. That belief is spreading fast. When was the Great Depression over? After the war?

Not enough credit and its number two. #1 fix it before the stimulus. Fix the problems first and quickly. then massive stimulus. Can it wait for 2? 3? 4? months?

Economist and both sides say we need stimulus? True but not all of them think this package is it.

Tarp 2 as it looks will not work. You have to directly buy up the toxic assets. They can be auctioned off almost immediately. We might lose some money in the deal but it is the source of the problems.

The return to failed policies? wtf? The tax cuts? NO pushing housing? Capitalism? That is the most dishonest statement he has made and he makes it over and over.

The comments on Iran And the rest I am ignoring for the time. The super nova of government is more important.

No earmarks do not mean no pork.

Electronic records of fine. They create some jobs. The saving will not show up for years. They need to be stored offline(thumb drives), updated electronically and protected from government snooping. Not a bad idea but how stimulative is it?

Schools have been state responsibility. With federal money comes Federal strings. I really don't want anyone that believes in over blown social justice any where near schools.

How partisan is it to keep implying that the alternative to this bill is doing nothing. It is not. Very few, if any are saying do nothing.

Bipartisanship? If someone disagrees with you are you sure they are just doing it political reasons or do they know your wrong.

He at time plays at being pragmatic. I don't think he is. Government is the only one that can fix this? They do need to get out of the way. Fix the systemic problems that government made. It is not that capitalism is failed. It is that government that stuck there hand in and played around.

This bill is a massive government expansion. There is no sunset on any of the programs in it. If parts of the bill would not pass on their own, many of them wouldn't, why do we want to let them run on forever.

Bush spun at times he did it more than he should. He was wrong at times. Fine. But Obama, is whistling past the whole argument. Straw men and red herring are not only breeding at an exponential rate they are much bigger than I ever imagined. At some point they blot out the truth. Truth is hard enough to see and usually it takes time to become clear. What he is doing is at least intellectually dishonest. Spinning this much is telling lies. I have made the some argument for people on the other side as well. They make good points at times and at others they lie.

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