Friday, November 7, 2008

The Creepy Obama Victory Speech

I went back to the text. there many thing that is strongly dis agree with but nothing by itself that was massively out of bounds. Remembering the speech at one point it sounded very socialistic, communistic. Then he went into nationalist rhetoric. Nothing wrong with nationalist rhetoric. Then it hit me. The cornerstone of any good take over, especially a communist one, is national rhetoric. Russia, China, Germany, Cuba ect. And it is the cornerstone of the ongoing propaganda to keep people on board. Of course it begins with the Cult of Personality at the top.

We are not there yet, just be aware and be warned.

I am not the only one who found it strange.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Newsweek editor: Obama’s cult of personality is “slightly creepy,” isn’t it?

And From It's Time To Restore Liberty -

"The irony is that Obama arrives at the threshold of the White House steeped in ideas that subordinate individual freedom to the collective. In his campaign and his victory speech, Obama declares that America's "timeless creed" is now, "yes, we can." This is not a defense of liberty. It is a declaration so malleable and generic that it could have applied to anything from Lenin's Bolshevik Revolution to the Little Engine that Could"

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