Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Second Presidential Pre-Debate

I have predicted John McCain by five. I am have some doubts. I don't think that he need a game changer to night but he need one soon. The format doesn't seem to allow for much of a direct attack. I hope that their are people smart enough to lay some traps for Barack Obama.

Talk about ACORN, call some of what they did legalized black mail?

Mention some of the "education" programs that where supported the group that Obama was on the board with Ayers, not Ayers or the group directly. Let Obama defend it or bring up Ayers.

Find a way to ask if those who don't pay income taxes are going to get money back are in that bottom 95% Are they getting money back that they didn't pay in.

If we take more money from those who make more than 250000( not small businesses ) are we going to spend it better than them. don't we need liquidity wright now?

What about the 30% + waste in medicare? Should we be spending that money their? Should we expanding it at all?

Ask lots of questions, lots and lots questions. Only briefly and directly answer the personal situations part of the questions. Rebut Obama's attacks with "no that's not the case i have said it before find the facts out for yourself" mention factcheck. org or you campaign web site. This isn't all that complicated.

If McCain points out the truth, the real truth not the BS short answer PC spin the only way he can loose is if the public really does believe in a hardcore Socialist/Marxist philosophy. If that is the case the American Experiment is over for at lest the next two generation if not forever.

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