Monday, February 11, 2008

General Rant part 1of ?

Part ? i lack the education to draw from a wealth of text and therefore have trouble making concise and coherent narratives to make my point. If i where to mention say Plato, and you have read Plato you have a body of ideas to understand what I'm saying, but I haven't read Plato or much else. as i have said i much prefer to watch or listen to something than read it, i understand better that way.

see already side tracked. i have said for some time that people are stupid. it sound bad and is mostly true. I have restrained my self to some extent trying not to put people off. Oh well. My overall opinion changes from time to time. most recently i am of the opinion that leftist and socialist ideas are in a massive up swing and are going to be the mainstream of political\governmental action for the next 20+ years. makes me sick...! i had thought we had decided that communism was bad and socialism by extension. heath care for everyone? massive cost but i haven't heard much about the tax increase to pay for it. maybe its cheaper for everyone if it is universal but there not doing it that way. pay for collage for everyone and on and on. My money not everyones.

What happened to the comfort of self reliance. does any body even know what that means. i don't want to wait for my government to come around and feed me every day. It Is disgusting!
On a less philosophical point if we are dependent on them what happen when they are not there or people stop loaning the US money. It is more complicated than that i guess.

there was something on price controls for labor in the works. i haven't looked into it yet. i don't know how you have a strong state with a weak people. i still think it is in the realm of possibility that there is a 1929 type crash to come. i know how to raise crops on a small scale at least and know enough to fix are jerry rig the basics to get buy. The good thing and i shouldn't say it is that hopefully those who somehow think the government should take care of them probably, under 1928 circumstance, can't take care of themselves. they will have to leave if they want to survive. i am not a survivalist i live in the burbs so don't go there.

The other side, well the religious right make me just about as ill. they may not run the country into the ground but they will not let it move forward either. Gay marriage, numbers anyone, no i didn't think so. haven't seen them for either side. if being gay is a sin then god will punish them. i also think that it is beyond belief that some think it should be explained to grade schoolers either way.

Abortion i must have missed something. can we call a truce at say 18 months. If you think its wrong don't do it but leave the rest of us alone. i have a problem with strict interpretation of scripture. Is it possible that it was told in a way to make the ideas easier to understand?
strict conservative beliefs on social issues, gay rights, abortion, porn, art, etc, are in general repressive.

Should something be kept form kids, hell yes. Do i wish adults wouldn't watch and listen to so much vulgar bs, Stern comes to mind, yes but not governments place. People that libel other such as Oberman, Savage, and i want so say 9\11 truthers should be put on trial. stop the bs. If you print classified info jail maybe?

Maybe a 5-10 year massive depression is what we need. People would have to actually think and hopefully gain a new understanding of self reliance. Sort of concise and coherent in the end.

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