Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heathcare and Torture

I am aways looking for new pieces of info and different arguments and ways of looking and explaining issues. i came across two tonight.

First the last half of Anderson Cooper, i just caught the last few minutes. They all seemed to agree that Universal heath care is a must. i can not disagree more, but that's me. The point they make is this: giving everyone heath care is the easy part. the hard part will be keeping and getting prices down. if they aren't it could drive us into an unbelievable debt. Ok the second part is the part every body seems to just overlook. Why can't we get the prices down first and see where we are before giving everyone heath care. You could say that if the government provides all or most health care they could drive prices down(ignoring over head and past track record) or set prices( socialism and loss of research) . get prices under control first please it makes sense.

Second a daily show. Mixed in with a little torture humor a hint of a point. Bush is a weak idiot, not the point. They have dodged issues over and over were they didn't need to and should NOT HAVE. First in light of some history I wasn't aware of as fact, didn't just come from him, we apparently have called water boarding torture after WWII. So it is idiotic to continue to dodge this issue(always has), stand up and say it is. Then make two points. The one that is mentioned in passing by people that are pretty conservative and ignored by the left are the Germans out of uniform spying that were executed during WWII with little fan fair. The second is that these people are not in a uniform and are clearly not civilians. So not covered by Geneva or anything else I can think of. It is the one exception to most if not all the rules. You can argue morals all day long but not legality.

So I will call it torture, all be it the most mild thing i would call torture, but it doesn't matter.

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