Sunday, February 10, 2008

Peace at the point of a gun

I watched the show on 1968, the Tom Brokaw thing, some days ago and peace at the end of a gun came up. Then Madeleine Albright was on book tv saying that that building democracy with force is an oxymoron. Both of these seem to be the same sorts of ideas. On there face i tend to agree, but that is short sighted. i would put it this way: The road to peace at times can only begin at he end of a gun. Nazis? Iraq, a peaceful stable country was going to start that way there whether it was US, UN, Kurdish or the guns of the Iraqi people.

Democracy, The door for democracy can be held open by force for a time, you hope that the people will rush through in that time. What would of happened in Iraq, i keep using it because that the one I'm more familiar with, If local elections had been started one or two months in. Local elections, positions held for 1yr, regional 4-6 Months latter held for 2yrs, and national elections 4-6 months latter held for 18 months. Something like that. It is worth moving beyond you can't have peace at he end of a gun. As important as the idea is it doesn't offer any answers.

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