Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Clinton Idea

I have not been watching much of the Pres. race. i have been thinking and watching things far more interesting of important. Some Californincation, Iraq war info and some talks on atheism. i paused the vid on my computer for a drink or something and unmuted the TV to watch Sen. Clinton saying something to this effect: we should pay some people to go to homes of the elderly to cover their windows and insulate their homes. That will help cut their energy bills and lessen the over all need for energy and that helps with the global warming.

a side note: not an exact quote. if it doesn't sound like something she'd say look it up. i am not trying to twist this and will never try to twist someones words. it is very dishonest in the every day and intellectual sense. if you don't believe she said it then look at the statement by itself and use it as to help organize and challenge your own thoughts.

standing there with the "no" "no" "no" falling out of my mouth, i thought there is much to talk about but this really hits me in the head and i would love to turn and smack the person swinging the bat. Its not about who is saying it its about all those who seem to agree. I seem to remember in the little formal education i had something about communist countries paying people to sweep the sidewalks so every body would have jobs. this statement its not about jobs. it does seem very socialist. as for the energy, there is an energy problem, massive innovation is the only real long term solution. As for global warming, yes the planet is a little warmer, is the cure more harmful than the disease.

I personally am much happier if my family or friends of my grandparents do those thing. i feel even better if i do it myself and even better than that if they can still do it for themselves.

Take it in and think just for a second .

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