Saturday, January 19, 2008

Economic Stimulus For Economic Stimulus

I appears that the people at the top finally wake up to the scope of the problems with the economy. They are as usual playing the games they always do.
There is this: Health Insurance & The Stimulus
By Cindy ZeldinAs a component of the emerging economic stimulus package, Congressional Democrats are considering an increase in Medicaid matching funds to states. Congressional Republicans and the Bush Administration are reportedly cool to the idea, arguing that public spending on health care has little to do with rekindling the economy. The American public, I suspect, would beg to differ.

Medicaid has little to do with the short term. She goes onto make her argument but my eyes glazed i didn't.. misses the point.
There is also talk of giving this economic stimulus in the form of rebate to people that didn't pay any taxes. will they have to give it back next year like everyone else? If this does help keep things going and if they do not get a check are they not getting the benefit anyway?
I am not sure this will help much. If it does i think it will just push the tide off for a while and may in the end make it at least a little longer.
In the end could we just pass a clean bill that does the one thing its supposed to. Or at least the one thing we think will help. Please. Just a dream i think.

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