Friday, January 18, 2008

Keith Olberman v Bill O'Reily for the 100th useless time

I don't want to bring this up and the only reason i bring any of this up is to make a point.

First there is this. Keith Olbermann on Homeless Vets w/Paul Reickoff

Please ignore the comments, they are the kind of thing that helps no one and gives the wrong idea if you don't pay a little attention and think. Name calling never helpful.
Then here is the video of O’Reilly. I link here because it's the first place i found it and it has a written transcript.
O’Reilly Admits There Are 200K Homeless Vets, Still Says Edwards ‘Is A Liar’ Who Owes ‘An Apology’

More commits that i would be very careful while reading not to get drawn in. a comment from this page reads:
Edwards is pointing out that the people who have fought and put themselves in harm’s way for this country deserve better. He doesn’t own O’Reilly an apology. O’Reilly owes veterans an apology for dissing them in this way.
Comment by missmolly — January 18, 2008 @ 4:00 pm

Maybe Edwards my be making that point contrary to what O'Reilly said, i don't know and don't care. i think Edwards is a little out there and in general may very well be trying to make the connection that O'Reilly says he is. However does O'Reilly really need to apologize to veterans.Anywho be careful and don't get drawn in.

Ok so my point is made by some on this Digg page, not to sure about that site either.
First, most seem to be firmly entrenched in there own little unfortunately growing world were Olberman is at least a guru.
by Luthorcorp331
More Leftist smear with no need of facts or substance.
Bill's point was the homeless veterans plight was due to drug addiction and mental illness not the economy which pseudo-populist John Edwards is extolling. He also said he would pick up any homeless veterans and drive them to Mr. Edwards lavish mansion estate if need be.Bill is correct and please stop putting these misleading propaganda pieces on digg.
P.S. Olberman is another Michael Moore type who figured out how to sucker money out of Lefty loonies by telling them what they want to
Leftist is more than i would say but might be right. "misleading propaganda" is a somewhat soft. i do think the p.s. is right except i think they believe it to. Then there is this:
by gasch
O'Reilly's opinions may be wrong occasionally, but his facts rarely are (when they have been, he's corrected himself). Olberman on the other hand has made it a habit of make small, ignorant mistakes regarding facts as of late.
This i think is the truth of the matter for the most part. With Olberman they aren't always small and is not just of late. O'Reilly's opinions differ with mine a fair amount and i think he focuses to much on the little problems that are a fall out of larger ones.

The real point:
by tomservo51 Seriously, why do you ppl waste your day with this crap?
In this case to make a point. Beware the rabbit!

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