Thursday, January 17, 2008

Running from the Rabbit

I don't mind wading into the tall grass from time to time. Once you follow the rabbit or are chased by the rabbit into a hole you can't even see the weeds. A little of a mixed metaphor kind of, I think that it is a parallel of what goes in the world.

On a small scale you, the individual for future reference, tend to talk to the same people, listen and read the same things and tend not to challenge our beliefs or ways of thinking. This is the rabbit hole, yes its comfy and helps order the world but you can't see much of the grass or the bulldozer coming till its to late. The rabbits, you me and everyone around us. Some of us peak out of the hole from time to time but don't get a full survey of what is happening. So find a rabbit hole on a hill and take some travels to the next valley.

On a larger scale, well it comes in two parts. the first are the bunnies that we have asked or trusted to watch for the bulldozer and help us make our rabbit hole more comfy. Some of them do a good job some of them may be driving the dozer and telling you is a truck of free carrots. The sad thing is they may believe it. These are leaders that range from elected officials, clergy and to police and teachers. The second larger part is cute or really scary. Herds of rabbits moving in the same kinds of ways and me wondering if they know what they are doing. Even worse who is driving them and do they know what they are doing. This is the mainly the effect media and business for good or bad. The movement is the society in general.

The large scale rabbits are the ones I'm running from because they are the ones that will chase you. What i am trying to say is think and please please think outside your rabbit hole, i mean box, well pick your metaphor. At least just take into account while reading here that i am always trying to run from the rabbit.

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