Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reasoned Self Doubt

I have as i hope most of us have found ourselves doubting what we are doing. My doubt about this project is more reasoned i hope. I will freely admit to a vast and at times overwhelming amount of ignorance on my part. My fear is that this clouds my judgment on the usefulness of the intellect that i have. Worse yet my intellect may not be as good as i think it is. By no means is it at any sort of great level at lest for now. I think intellect can be trained to do better, but is mine of any use to anyone but me now.

Does my ignorance cloud my judgment on what is in my head.
I do not ignore, nor should i or anyone, the emotional or metaphysical side of what goes on in ones own head. It comes into play because there reasonable arguments for both sides. The problem in this, i have little evidence that i have much of use to say and after staring at the wall i have some thought new to me, it seems someone has had it all ready. Not only that but has written a book and in some cases books have been written on that book. Ignorance, mine in this first instance leads to this doubt because i do not know, ignorance. It seems apparent watching and listening to media in general that they are even more clueless than i. that unfortunately gives me some hope. Have much of that is a reflection of the people.
Ok so one side i have scholars with double PhD.s that seem to make some sense when i understand them and the other the dribble that seems to be the mainstream. There is no real reasoned answer, so i suppose i should just push the reasoned doubt away and do my best to move on.

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