Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's Address to Congress

Live Blog from Gateway Pundit

"REPUBLICANS APPLAUD to the promise to not leave deficit to our children. A lie!
A plan free of Earmarks --- A HUGE LIE!
The democrats are shameless. Absolutely shameless.
We will cut weapons systems.
We will end tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas."

Live Blog at Ace of Spades

"Ah, we've got to sacrifice some worthy priorities, including "me." He does this childlike overpronounciation on the last word in a sentence, like do. He does that a lot.

I have no fucking idea what he's talking about now. Honestly, I don't.

I'm sorry, I guess I'm ending the live blog, it's just blah blah blah, I swear I cannot focus on this man's empty words long enough to render his sentences sensible.

Bad Moment for Obama: Talks bullshit about keeping deficits down, but gets Republicans cheering until embarrassed and then flashes a fuck-you look as he laughs it off."

It was what I suspected. More up beat, no detail and he continues to run. Some odds and ends.

Not blame, will look back to learn from our mistakes? what history is he looking at?

He doesn't believe in big government? Okay but his beliefs lead to big government.

Force Adjustments and strings to banks. How about no bail outs or no string? Free market anyone?

He is used capitalist rhetoric well. There is no evidence he believes it.

How well does massive investment by government in science do exactly?

Energy. How are we getting from now to the new energy future? Oil? no Natural gas, can't drill for that either. That is one way to go

Something about the bad choices of the auto industry? Including Unions?

Government is going to find a cure for cancer? I think there was a West Wing on that.

I don't want those who (my best guest) likes economic and social justice touching education.

Health care? Hands off buccko. More on that latter.

Cradle to work education?

Better teachers? Kill the Unions?

Are charter schools really the answer? Make all of them great schools?

Play for pay = collage for social work?

Major on Fox, paraphrasing.
people are not trusting capitalism so they feel they have room for more big government.

Exactly what I expected. How many fell for it?

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