Friday, March 6, 2009

Freedom of Pigs

I wonder exactly how many of us get this. It would seem to be a very small leap in logic, but we just don't get it. If it is a leap to far we are done. Try try again.

Sense of Events: How democracies perish

"Once you find out where in the countryside the pigs roam free, you locate a flat spot big enough to hold the herd. Then you pour a couple of buckets of feed corn on the ground. Bye and bye the pigs find the corn and eat it. The next day you repeat. And the next and the next, until you have trained the wild pigs to go to that spot every day and eat free corn.

Then you build a single fence next to the corn spot. The pigs notice the fence but ignore it - after all, their free corn is still there. Once they have gotten used to the fence, you build another to the side, connecting both fences at the end at right angles. Pour more corn. The pigs will learn to ignore that fence too. The free corn is still coming, so what's another fence?

Then the fence on the opposite side goes up. More free corn. Then the final fence, but you leave the gate open. This will confuse the pigs, but only momentarily. They'll smell the free corn and that will be all that matters. So they'll go in to eat the corn. You shut the gate.

Now the pigs realize they are trapped and they try to break through the fence. But it's too strong. Besides, to calm them down you just pour more buckets of corn into their new prison. Shortly the pigs lose interest in the fence and settle down happily to eat free corn."
Iran Is another matter. If we don't get it here Iran makes little difference.

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