Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vacuous Nonsense

I used to love watching the news channels. The endless useless political nonsense that dominates news is pissing me of more and more. Glen Beck (Don't endorse him completely) opened with the idea that he's not covering the politics any more. They are all going in the insane direction, not doing us any good, the politicians. the coverage is a vacuous distraction from any real solutions to any thing.

Governor Spitzer Apologizes After New York Times Reveals Link To Prostitution Ring I don't care we have been down this type of road before, the stories are the same and you know who is going to say what. If there is some sort of government mismanagement or what ever prosecute him and be done with it.

Kos Kidz Freaking Out Over Geraldine Ferraro kos bs oh fun
Obama, Clinton Unqualified to Serve as CINC
McCain works to refill campaign coffers ok so

and on and on I was hopping for some issues with it being an election year

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Patism said...

Politics is designed to keep us all confused, so that we continue to let the smart people with all the experience in screwing everything up, handle it for us.