Friday, March 7, 2008

Libertarian investigation

I have been trying to, well find a label that encompasses my view of the world. Labels aren't the best route to go, but it be nice to point to an ideology that i mostly agree with. Any who there is this: Why I am not a libertarian. I have been acquainted with libertarian thought in passing. Basically a constitution first party, there is more to it but for now we will leave it there.

This article is dense and just about over my head so maybe i missed something.
"If you are not a libertarian, and if this sub specie aeternitatis thing strikes you as somehow dubious or shady, I feel no hesitation in informing you with absolute confidence that the common concept of progress, which perhaps you are operating under, is a lie and a delusion and a snare. At least inasmuch as that term applies to the problem of human government, and not physics, oil painting, or backgammon. There is no reason to think the political designs of 2007 are any better than those of 1907, 1807, or 7. In fact, there is quite a bit of reason to think that the truth is just the opposite."
If you reach back far enough you arrive at a tribal model, i think we have progressed past that a little. As for the 20th century learning what doesn't work i think of as progress.
"And this is the first reason I am not a libertarian. Libertarianism is, more or less, basically, the ideology of the American Revolution. And the American Revolution was, in my own personal opinion, more or less, basically, a criminal outrage of the mob - led by leaders who were either unscrupulous, deluded, or both."
He may have a point. Don't contribute to conspiracy what you can to incompetence. Incompetence on the English part, and contributing conspiracy on the American's part. I don't know enough of detailed history to know for sure. I think it would have been pretty hard to get any real representation an ocean away in those days. So some of both?

After slogging though all that he goes into property. i know vaguely that libertarians have a view on property. i never quit got a clear picture of it here, but it was a different way of looking at it for me. Over all it was in lightning, not that i blindly buy it all. He has a rather entertaining style that i enjoy even if it is over my head from time to time, yes i had to look up words.

Take a look around, there are several other in lightning an entertaining post if you can make it though them.

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