Friday, March 7, 2008

More bad news

I woke up to news of a 60,000 job loss, more foreclosures (some 900,000 right now), oil prices, more bad weather, and a lack luster stock marked to say the least. I am sure there are any number of other things. Oh the string of odd kidnappings and murders of families and kids that are taking a bake seat to the glorious election of the next dear leader. I am not sure how odd but i keep hearing little tidbits over the past 2-3 wks.

I don't have any real suggestions any more. It does look as if Washington isn't helping the matter. At this moment maybe they should at least talk as if they are going to make some server cuts, make it look as if they finally understand that the debt is a noose around all our necks. Start moving interest rates back. Stop the dollar bleeding, literally stop printing money. yes is more symbolic than anything else but couldn't hurt much now.

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