Thursday, March 6, 2008

14 Characteristics as part of Fascim

I ran across this some time ago and decided to let it go but is come up several more times. Lucky for me others have taken it on.

The original list i think and more in depth from the same guy.

From the liberal side of things, the complete crap and A little more in depth

i think there is a some what better argument from the right.

And finally more to the point and a fine site to.

and this, it was the last place i saw it and were some of the links came from(in the comments)

As for Jonah Goldberg (my earlier comments) he is a conservative and may be throwing it at the liberals a little much.

The list of 14 characteristics are to me an outward manifestation of fascism and Goldberg' take, yes i realize that he's not the first and maybe not the best, is more about the philosophy behind it. One is fascist actions the other is fascist philosophy or motives. Using military to patrol the streets, fascist action( i haven't seen that). Requiring everyone to have health insurance, fascist idea(Mass.?). It may be good for you but you have no choice and of course thats how it starts.

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