Thursday, March 6, 2008

20 Things This Guy Learned from His Life

I like list like most so there is this: 20 Things I'm Glad Life Taught

Starting on a dark note, I for a long time didn't really understand what causes one say to take their own life. I have, i think, gotten some idea in the past two or three years. Not that i have "stared into the abyss" but i have seen the edge. There is real darkness in people. I don't think you can get a understanding of the world, people and your self until you get some glimpses of it.

These list aren't as useful as you might think. The thing to you have to know is hinted at in the comments and intro and only recently become crystal clear to me. That is these thing do not soak in just reading them or even understanding them in a literal sense. Until you come to the idea repeatedly on your own it has far less meaning and is not part of your character, part of your consciousness or the way you approch the world. Call it wisdom? I have been wanting to write on the matter for a while so I'll stop thinking past whats in front of me, and pick it up latter.

There is wisdom in most things. No exception with this but it is a little to bright and shiny, new agey and to me is not all that deep. Not saying there it's all wrong, just some observations.

Hitting the high/low points:
3. Where you are doesn't determine where you can go: can be used as an excuse for allowing current failures

9. You have many talents: how do you define talent, many things can be learned and practiced till they may resemble talent but i think that is in all of us

10. Don't work hard with out reward: very slippery slope, does delayed gratification ring any bells

11. Money does bring happiness: he's not saying money= happiness, more like money make happiness easier to a point (more discussion in the comments)

12. Someone always has it worse. We have all said that. Is it useful? Does it help? its never really helped me. Okay there is a guy with cancer right now, that doesn't relate at all to my day at work.

16. Most people are nice: Doesn't mean i what to know them. "would you like some tea. Aren't the bows in Mr. Fluffy's hair so nice. i just..." I.Q point right out he window. And i doesn't mean they aren't insane. "Would you like some tea. Boy that Hitler was so misunderstood we should bring that back..." Do i run or figure out how to have them committed, decisions, decisions.

17. Words and thought control everything: i from earth where are you from? There is a minuscule gain of truth but should never be stated this way or with out a couple paragraphs of explanation.

18.Your view is reality: "If you see something as exciting and positive, then that's what it is." I moved in with my grandmother 2+ yrs ago to, as it turns out, watch her die of cancer 3 months later only to be called away one day, month before she died, a couple of weeks before Christmas, to a little later carry our family dog in my arms, still haveing seizures to the vet to be put to sleep. WTF? Exciting and positive? An extreme example but still WTF?

20. You can change the world: If i piss on my front yard that changes the world. It is a matter of degree. If you really dramatically change the world you won't live long enough to see it. I don't mean you will be killed for it. I mean big changes take time and effort, usual a lot of both.

Read through the comment and make your own judgments on how deep, insightful, useful and/ or wrong it is.

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