Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ohio and NAFTA

I can't speak to the facts here but i have no reason not to accept them. The Dems have been making an argument, cheered on by the some people in Ohio that NAFTA is the cause of all their problems. As they always do they have an answer, another useless and ridiculous one. The facts that i accept. the decline in the manufacturing losses in Ohio started in the early 80's, before Bush, before Clinton and before NAFTA. Ohio has the fifth highest tax rate in the US and has gotten there on a pretty steep incline.

Given that, NAFTA is not to blame. It is the fault of the people in Ohio and little can be done on the federal level to change that. The second complaint is the large number of foreclosures. That in the end is on the heads of the individuals. they signed the papers, not the sate or fed. There may have been some hard sell or a little misdirection but little to no illegal acts and in no way wide spread.

The solutions, well i am unclear exactly what they are but we have to include global warming and pollution as part of the fix. What does that have to job and housing loss in Ohio?

So media ( i am really starting to hate that term) have spent how many days on this? Was it a complete waste of time? Candidates for the President of the United States are having an argument over an issue, you have to cover it even if it is completely ridiculous. How many silly little tiffs have there been? The picture. The plagiarism charge.

These things are not only pointless and distracting they are they slowly over time warping our perception of issues, of what's important and, the worst reality.

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