Friday, March 14, 2008

General Rant part 2

I checked the news just to see if any thing had blown up overnight. In five minutes i was yelling no at it again, seems to be an increasing habit. Ok, Obama statement on his pastor. He calls him kind of his crazy uncle. Really!? how about crazy? part of the problem? after he said those thing i had to question everything he has ever said and will no longer listen to what he has said. This guy married them. did he take his kids to listen to this hateful nonsense. The pastor plays directly into the victim crap that is one of the big problems. how about preaching ways to succeed instead of poor me crap.

A 1yr stop to earmarks couldn't even get passed last night what a surprise. oh and may be we shouldn't mess with the tax code right now as things continue to spiral downward. Leave the Bush tax cuts alone for good or bad, just for the sake of stability if nothing else. More spending on heath care and education. No new money for education. If i recall correctly D.C. spends about the most per student and has the worst educated students. the pace is a pit, not just because of the education. More for heath care. there is going to be more just because of increased cost. but no new programs till we figure out how to keep the costs in check, that should be the goal.

They need one of those children at play signs for the capital!

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