Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Speech reaction

It did for me what it needed. I have said that a black candidate would need echo the sentiments of Bill Cosby some years ago. Obama at this point made it clear that the victim playing isn't constructive. It has and does though shape opinions and feelings. i wish he had made that point more clearly. Some of the useful examples he uses are what i consider a kind of political trick. they help make the point but feel convenient for the one using them.

He slides back into Democratic dogma. Heath care, the war, and immigration etc. The people with a different color skin are not the problem, the big corporations and lobbyists are. That dogma is what it is. he believes it and thats a big part of why i would never vote for him. Politicians with no vision, no leadership, short sightedness, and ability to say i was wrong or let's try it and if it doesn't work will try again are.

It explained the race divide. It left to many openings for attack from all side, not meaningful attacks but attaks none the less. And as you would expect a strong Democratic and socialist overtones.

as i watch fox now at 10:52 they seem to be avoiding the whole thing.

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