Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Obama Speach

Its early and we will see how it all plays. As i said their were to many loose ends.(Didn't see a permalink so you got the whole thing.)

Reactions, Yours and the MSM's (Gee, I Wonder If They Liked It! I'm On Pins and Needles and Hanging On Tenterhooks!)




Ok, let me see if I understood this speech correctly:

1. I was in church when Wright said some bad things.

2. I didn't like the bad things he said.

3. I never, ever spoke up about how I felt about the bad things.

4. I continued to go to the church even after he said the bad things.

5. All of which is irrelevant because my grandmother used some racil epithets.

Did I get it right?

Yeah that's right.

/David Puddy

Their are so many parts to this thing its hard to get a handle on. I look for good ideas where i can find them. that usually means having to ignore a lot of bad ideas. i would not have stuck around with the kinds of thing that were said or what ever the equivalent for me would be. Even if it were just a faint strain of victimization. the ideas would have to be very very useful and informative. May be Obama feels that way. I would never take my kids though. I gets old trying to sort out good, bad and really bad ideas and for 20 yrs, not me. It may not have been all that difficult if you know the source well but trying to explain it to the public or your kids. Just one aspect of this.

Black Liberation Theology, the Doctrine of Barack Obama's Church

If this is what the church believes that he needed to make a much strong repudiation of the church it self not just the Wright. And he took his kids?

Here is the text of the speech. (1st place i found it) I may try to parse it some more latter .

Obama: We can move beyond some of our racial wounds

He does give Wright a bit of a pass. If you listen closely he does have of a point. It is a fine line that i think will be lost by most. I hope that Obama isn't trying to just dodge the whole thing or what his real views are. i just don't think it's going to be enough.

Fox 2 short stories and CNN running the #1 issue show. a little odd for the 1st hour after.

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