Sunday, March 16, 2008

In Depth, John McWhorter

I freely admit I don't have the depth of knowledge i should, specifically with people i should have at least a passing awareness of. I only became familiar with Hitchens after seeing him on In Depth. John Mcwhorter falls in to this category. I really do find those not easily put into a camp or ideology to be worth the time. New ideas come for those places.

I have alway thought that a victim hood mentality is self defeating. I never understood why leaders would continue to claim to be victims and never how to work past or around it. I will admit to being one of those wide eyed white people he mentions, that said i am still not convinced that large amounts of help is all that useful until some change in mentality happens in at least a few more people. The Obama and his church issue this week might shed some more light on this. He also talks about the tangible mistakes that lead to the race issues. the more recent, last 40 yrs or so mistakes not the hundred plus ones that little can be done about now.

Insights into writing proses, language and being a senior fellow are points of interest as well. I wonder if the senior fellow pay much and if they are hiring. I do find the work done by some of these think tanks of interest. I'll try and get a list together, most of there work is online and easy to find. Any who, John McWhorter In Depth, very relevant and worth the time in light of events this week.

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