Saturday, February 9, 2008

Now What

I have don't know how to say this in a consented form. I am of the opinion that common sense is dead and logic is tortured until it agrees with what your selling. To jump a few steps I'll start with my votes the last two times. I have trouble remembering who i voted for in 2000 & 04 not that it made any diferance.

I think it when like this. 2000 voted third party. Dems were far to fiscally liberal, I'm not a fan of big government. By the end of Clinton i was pretty sick of them, more for the say one thing do it differently and still say they achieved the thing. To their credit both sides do it i just didn't realize it. The balanced budget was a sham, we loan money to ourselves and call everything balance, seemed pretty silly at the time. The Republicans are socially repressive bunch at their core. This manifests most acutely for me with the abortion issue. I'm not for so called on demand, but banning it out right doesn't seem fair, right or make sense long term. For the sake of argument if abstinence only was the rule, birth control was frowned on and abortion was ban what happens to population levels. I don't think human instinct can be curbed that much in a 5 or 10 year time frame to curb a massive population boom. As a side note it seems that independently minded, reasonable and responsible types of people that built this country, mainly the grandchildren of the WW2 generation, aren't having children fast enough and will be a minority.

2000 went third. 04 the tipping point was the Democrats, well to put it nicely, weakness. The UN couldn't seem to get Iraq straighten out after 91 and Europe had been talking to Iran for how long? i didn't think they had a chance in hell of dealing with the world in 04. So i voted Bush. My reasoning, any repressive moves by Bush could be undone 30 or so years down the road but if the US didn't exist then doesn't make any difference.

The plan this year vote for the first third party on the ballot. Democrats, ssdd just a lot crazier with socialists streak a mile wide. Republicans, fiscal responsibility gone, even if they got exactly what they want its to little. as far as foreign policy and terror they have proven to be far to weak as well. I don't know if it is the residual Vietnam gun shyness, the knowledge that they don't have the skills to get the point across or the crush from the antiwar crowd (some principled, some for power, most are just totally out of touch). just the tip of the iceberg.
Vote first third, they can't win and maybe someone will start looking at actual logic and give some CPR to common sense.

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