Saturday, February 9, 2008

Let the blogroll begin

I really haven found any places that i totally agree with and very few that at partly agree with. I tend to agree with the conservatives on most of the passing issues of the day, but as i have said their social values are more than a little strict for me.

There are two post on this site that caught my eye. One on what he call peacenicks what i call the antiwar people. it makes the point well. i would point out there are those that are truly deeply pacifist, think Gandhi, that this argument would be useless. I have a philosophical difference with them and thats fine, but i think most these day aren't in this group they are anti Bush or conservatives. i am too but agree with him on this. the other was pointing out some of the other reasons for Iraq more clearly than i. Two notes: i Don't think the Al Qaeda connection was that strong, a lot of their WDM was destroyed by the UN.

So My Inner Scream is the first to enter the blogroll here.

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