Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Brief Thoughts of this Election Cycle

I am I have been hiding for the past week. Spending late night watching some early episodes of shows i haven't seen online. hiding from trying to organize my computer. Setting it up to post and read more easily. Mainly hiding from the election coverage. I am Sickened, a little physically ill really would like to grab someone by the neck kind of mad. Reason is not dead, just hopelessly enslaved. hand around the neck.

i have read the the statistics for cause of death in this country are horribly misrepresented. For a generic example: An 85 year old man, overweight smoker dies from a heart attack. Did he die from being 85, a smoker or over weight. My guess, well i don't care, i hope he had a happy life and my condolences to his family. His death i don't think tells us much. His death will be one of those they sat died from smoking and separately from obesity. So the numbers say he died twice once from smoking once from obesity. ( Doing this in firefox and i am going to set it on fire if it doesn't stop screwing with me) The point is no one dies from old age any more.

Apply this to the exit polling. Does it help anyone to know that Clinton has a slight edge with white woman over 65 with a cat that likes blue houses in Northern Atlanta over Obama. No. More on point giving me the numbers on people that think the economy is important and then people that think the war is important. some of these have to be the same. There is a massive simplification not just of the numbers but the issues. If the war is important how, what is the level of their knowledge on the issue, are they just hearing the flame throwing and going along. Questions like "are there valid legal reasons to charge US with war crimes"( legally it is a stretch at best) or " is their ever a legitimate reason to goto war, short of an invasion of your country" (hell yes, and i would love to see those numbers.

Ok not so brief. McCain. I don't agree with the three or so issues the right is attacking him on. The immigration stuff was quite a steaming pile. Trying to paint this guy as some sort of liberal, give me a freak'n break. i liked him in 2000 but he lost me when he went to Bob Jones or were ever it was. He tried to get something done. is that so bad. he was wrong, but he tried and was not tied to the conservative line. Look the conservatives are wrong and the liberals are worse. There is some sort of ideal out there in front of us that we are trying to get to. The liberal just want to go get it, the conservatives think if we look back and take the path we passed we will get there. Ok but if the ideal is floating above the Grand Canyon. We will all end up at the bottom no closer. its just a matter of how fast. Not a Great example. Lewis Black said it this way: the Republicans
are a party of bad ideas and the Democrats are a party of no ideas. Republicans say i have a bad idea and the Democrats say we can make it worse (Not exact and cleaned up). i will at some point make an attempt at a cohesive explanation of my views an the left right stuff.

I Am Just Mad and Confused. A giant mess of media, mainstream and others, and politics that are just so massively missing the point and most of the time are completely wrong. Wrong Direction and obviously wrong about what it will do. PLEASE PLEASE stop and think.

Take five minutes and just think every day. Is my life what i want, does what my boss wants me to do make any sense, Is that best for me, my family, neighbors, my grandkids, look at it from ten angles not one or two, is that were i want to go, is that legal really? and is it moral, your morals not the ones in a book or on tv, is it practical now, will it be, how soon.

Listen, think, ask, listen, think, repeat. If you spend enough time the important question come to the top and the crap will run off. The more time spent the faster it seem to happen.

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