Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MLog what, who, I didn't!

Normal people, writers, etc. would have probably started with this post. Who wants to be an etc. anywho. Yes, anywho I've used it for years no reason to not. The thought of doing this blog has been in my head for the past three or so years. The reason for now? I realized that I would still be too young by about a month to run for President in o12.. 12.. ok 2012. We will have to see how that one's handled. I had no real expectations of running but if thing got far enough off track there was that possibility. I think that my ideas of what this country should be possible after 4 years but after 8 not really, so this is one alternative.

Next. I didn't think there was any chance anyone would read any of it. There are some new ideas on that. The time, not that I didn't or don't have it. The time to research, drafts, all the things you should do and do i really have that much to say. Research, tell you where i got it. Drafts, doesn't have to be perfect,get the idea across; English is ,for good or bad, butchered every day in e-mail and on Tv. What to say , hopefully brief personal sidetrack, I have had many long discussions with people ,mainly family, on the kinds of things I hope to cover here. I have been staying with my sister for going on 2yrs. She knows most of what I'm going to say before I say it. She gives me the blank kinda look or says I know. She's right and I completely understand. When there is something of interest I have to try hard to get through any necessary back story as quick as possible. Side track over, there is enough.

Hopefully i can get to that with enough people so they can watch, pay attention to this stuff, keep a track and fix things were necessary so i can pursue may real passion of sleep. ok not my real passion but I do really enjoy.

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