Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Liberal Fascism

So i begin here. I tend to watch Tv for information more than i read. It's a bad habit but my reading has never been great. As stereotypical as it is, me being male, I get things a lot faster if i have pictures and by extension video. I have as well a need to understand and learn as much as i can to at least on a basic level. Which means a lot of History Channel, National Geographic, and news. The news is mostly FNC with increasing amounts of CNN in the past year or so.

More to the point. C-SPAN mostly speeches of politicians dribbling on about the usual useless idea that makes the perceived problem worse and spawns some other wonderful new problem. That's for latter. C-SPAN2 has on the weekends Book Tv. Great stuff. Some or maybe most of it is on topics I don't need more detail on. When good things are on I get caught up and if I'm lucky my head hurts just a little in a good way. The authors get an hour to go into detail and take questions.

That all said, Sunday flipping through i see something of interest on Book Tv. He is talking about Fascism and progressives. It was good for ten seconds then i see The Secret History of the American Left as part of the book title. Crap some nut and there's the Heritage Foundation backdrop. I have, finding no real clear answers on much, learned not to dismiss things right away. The author was Jonah Goldberg. The book, Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning. It is mostly over and he gets to the questions.

A few things of interest come out of his answers. The second question was on why he thinks some of the more affluent and successful people are liberal. A question that has popped into my head from time to time. To summarize they think they or smarter and its simpler to let them run things. Not good but makes sense to me. I do think the current system is messy and far to complicated. With one person at the top or a more military structure things move much faster and things get done.On the other hand absolute power corrupts absolutely. One of those balancing act i have not figured out and know we are far to on the messy side. Goldberg makes the argument the America could never have a Nazi type fascism because it's not in our core character or beliefs. The point is a clearer when you use his example, "if we burn the Constitution tomorrow we would still be the same people" The last thing I'll mention hear is his take on Senator Clinton's book. Apparently there an explanation of how crisis are used to get things done, states that all children are in crisis a the moment they are born. Finally wouldn't it be great if there the screens in all public places the ran instructions on how to be good parents all the time. 1984?

Think for a second. you could say the schools are in crisis.If you really think every child born is in crisis leave, go read something else, you may be beyond reasoning with. On the last point information on parenting should be widely available even by the government but not be force feed.

The video is here and from there you can go to the rest. If you go to their schedule you can see what the old programs are and watch.I did go back and watch all of it. First half is kind of dense, at least catch the last 20 minutes or so. One other good source for more of the good stuff is the PBS site. Yes apparently there news and some of there programs are a little iffy, squishy, call it what you want. There is still good stuff. Check out the Dover case and this. It about made me cry. About i said.

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