Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MLog: The what and I will

The what. My thought on political issues and philosophy. Thoughts an more day to day and light philosophy. The format is going to be much of a work in progress for while and as with all sites I'll change it little here and there as time goes on.

My writing, well I'm not trying to write some great novel or reference tome. I learn pretty quickly so will hope for the best. There are two general rules i will try to follow. one is something I've said many time when helping other with papers. Is that the way you would say it. the second is an attempt consolidate when it can be fairly well understood with out an overly long drawn out proper English description. I, i know is supposed to be in caps I'm not that important and always thought it was a little pompous to due so. 4 intend of four and dates the some thing, this isn't formal saves time and i think brakes up the text. abbreviations, as i said this isn't formal. i will try to not do those things when being more serious. Caps at the starts of sentences i think are important to break up.. yes.

Proper English is a good thing. Mine is a little ill. My vocabulary is ok maybe decent. my grammar well as before write like you speak. I know it isn't always write but i think it's usually understood. The spelling is a.. train wreck. Spellcheck saves mostly. My punctuation is on it's death bed. i can't name them all and wouldn't know how to use half of them. The basics. The period goes here. right? Anything beyond that is suspect.

More important the wills. I will try my best to moderate the comment. I will dump back and forth posts with no relevance. Any seriously idiotic or massively uninformed post will be dumped or posted with short and pointed words from on how bad it really is. I will do my best to point to were information came from. I will listen to sound arguments. i will listen to philosophical difference when they are philosophical based on some sort of reality not "it's better for everyone" or "it's for the child" type crap. i will admit when i am actually wrong. Most of the time we will have to agree to disagree.

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