Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Goldberg v Stewart

I saw that Jonah Goldberg was going to be on John Stewart. I'm thinking great, high profile show there are going to be people looking into this guy and i just wrote about him. Post a link to the vid and summarize the earlier post. So Stewart comes on, Mr. i know it's not a sign of disrespect I'm just a little lazy and have called people by there last names for as long as i can remember, and said they had to edit it down for time. Even better. Stewart was about as good as he gets. I don't think Goldberg can explain his ideas in such a short time.

Looking for the vid there are post on some blogs that have comments on there boards that read "he's a moran, just like his Momma" and "The same asshat who, according to KO, said Mussolini was a socialist and not a facist?"

Ok if your talking to people you know, maybe. This kind of thing with out any contexts helps no one and gives a passing observer the wrong idea and lowers discourse. This is exactly the crap i don't want posted here. A ,Mussolini was socialist and not a fascist, i can live with. Now he might have said that but what i heard was that Mussolini was a fascist light or a fascist without the antisemitic Crap.

Here is the Jonah Goldberg video from Earlier. I will post the Stewart video when i find it and i have some general comment on Stewart for latter. I generally like the guy. i will have to dive into the rest again I'm afraid.

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