Wednesday, November 18, 2015

End of the West (Week of Nov. 9 15)

How Our New Definition Of Freedom Causes Cruelty
"The United States has never been an idyllic land of perfectly consistent freedom of conscience, of course, but our national narrative emphasized such freedom as the ideal by which we lived. Older American history textbooks focus on courageous figures who were willing to fight and die for the right to do their own duty as they saw it. The message is that each American must be allowed reasonable freedom to disagree with authority on matters of principle, because principles are immensely important.
That was how we once defined liberty. Now—thanks to postmodernism’s rejection of absolute truth—we moderns argue that society must define each person in whatever way he wishes, regardless of the principles of others, because principles are subjective and therefore irrelevant. In the past, freedom meant to ability to obey one’s beliefs. Now, freedom is the ability to require others to obey one’s own beliefs about oneself."
Obama’s Healthy Communities, The Antithesis Of America
Obama Signed Us Up for Global ID Cards

Where Will American Refugees Go?
"If immigration completely transforms America, where can Americans go to preserve our national identity? Nowhere. This land is our one chance.

There is nowhere else to turn for Americans who want limited government, truly free speech, the norm of personal responsibility, and Judeo-Christian Enlightenment culture. Americans don't have the option of moving to another nation and replacing that nation's culture with our own."
The First Amendment Is Dying
Is It Time To Renounce U.S. Citizenship While You Still Can?
The Forced Collective Suicide Of European Nations
 "You are witnessing what will be shown to future generations as the reason for the fall of an Empire. At current immigration levels and disappearing birth rates native Europeans are destined to become a minority in their own countries within decades. This is already the case for many of Europe's largest cities."

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