Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sick of Missouri Politicians

To me there are no moderate politicians in this state. To compound the matter I heard it said(not a good source) the state government described as a kind of back woods mess. Lack of professional staff, part time congress people voting to help the industries they work in and lack of well structured bureaucracy. I could be wrong. I don't follow it that closely.

I could not disagree with Sen. Claire McCaskill any more than I do. So it is good that her offices are going to be marched on.

An might i say i love our new Governor Jay Nixon.

Missouri Dem Governor Is Not Worried About Cost of Stimulus "Missouri Kids & Grandkids Will Pay the Debt Off"

"In Missouri, the governor does not even know how he's going to spend all of the spendulus money. He's even set up a website Transform gov to ask for tips on how to spend the money in Missouri."
Just a hat tip to Ed Martin at American Issues Project. Someone else from the mess that is St. Louis making a difference.

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