Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Appease Gaza Terrorist, They Will Go Away

Good news: U.S. to pledge $900 million to rebuild Gaza

"Wasn’t one of the left’s chief criticisms of Israel’s Gaza operation that there was no Plan B if Hamas disintegrated? Fatah couldn’t ride in as the white knight on the backs of Israeli tanks to restore order or else they’d be seen as stooges and collaborators, we were told, not unreasonably."

Ace Of Spades
"Clinton's proposing this, hoping to use the money as a catspaw to increase Fatah's popularity and get them back in charge, rather than Hamas.

Um... I see what she's doing here but 1) it won't work and 2) it's not worth it."

American Taxpayers Lavishly Reward Palestinians for Terrorist Rocket Attacks

"No wonder Palestinians won't stop firing rockets at Israeli population centers until they evoke a response. We are in effect paying them hundreds of $millions for doing it."

Appeasement is as Appeasement does? At 800Mil Good deal. We didn't give up anything we really need and have plenty of.. OH

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