Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Protesting the Stimulus

I am glad to see some protests against the stimulus and Obama. I not sure that it being lead by people like Michelle Malkin are the best to be leading the rallying cry. I think, as with Hannity or Savage , they make a lot of sense on any number off issues(not all by any means). However the kind of name calling and over the top talk turn people away. People we will need If we are really going to push back.

The pork is the least of the problem. It makes for a good rallying point but it is only going to go so far. Focus on what was hidden and what it will allow will go much further. Do protest all look similar?

So the protests in CO:

Help Us Roast The Pig!

Hundreds Rally Against Generational Theft Act In Denver

Slapstick Politics: Denver Anti-Stimulus Rally: Videos

Instipundit Rally Photos

“Yes, we care!” Porkulus protesters holler back Updated

Then From AZ:

With signs in hand, protests await President's arrival in Mesa

Mesa, Arizona: Anti-porkulus protesters raise their voices

There needs to be protest every time he leaves D.C. and every time some new unbelievable crap comes out of this bill.

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