Thursday, February 19, 2009

Coin-a-Thought : Vote or Revolt

Some ideas are hard to explain in a post of thirty second sound bite. Like ignorance is bliss. You could give a basic explanation of that but you have to sit with it in your head for any real understanding. In an attempt to allow more ideas so sit in your head longer I am going to chop some thoughts down to little, hard to forget bites. When they apply, you will remember and hopefully see more clearly.

From's Crookblog via EconLog
Acctualy from a book but this is where it hit me.
"I would sooner take up arms against a government that saw me as a child than vote for it."
Vote Or Revolt. Our redress is when we vote. If the will of the majority is no longer heard then do we Revolt? So when do you stop voting and start revolting. Two more elections as I look at it now. In the times we live, we are all going to have to decide in the next few years:

Vote OR Revolt

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