Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pre Obama Speakes to Congress

The preview hype is just out of control. He will be a little more hopeful. Not much because he can't. He will again press for big gov./socialist programs. Same old Same old. Keep the campaign going. Lost of big picture no detail populist rhetoric.

It's The Policy, Stupid
"The country and the economy don't need another speech. We need better policy. President Obama is permanently stuck in campaign mode, and as DJ notes below, believes everyone still buys his pitch. It is manisfestly apparent that President Obama believes he can talk his way out of this bad economy and policy debacle. Smartpeople are betting otherwise."

Gibbs Says the Anti-War Socialist Will Give Reaganesque Speech

"Does anyone out there recall President Ronald Reagan promoting trillion dollar spending bills, appeasing enemies, slashing defense spending, raising taxes on the rich, expanding the welfare state, redistributing wealth, funding foreign abortions, and promoting socialized medicine?(cont.)

Only a fool would believe that the Democrat's expansion of government, historic spending, and tax hikes for the rich will bring similar results."

Obama aims for sober honesty, optimism in address
"—He inherited the mess, and a quick turnaround is unlikely. Not only did the recession emerge on Bush's watch, the Bush approach wasn't the right one.

"—Thinking short-term won't do the trick. Focusing even amid the crisis on longer-term goals such as helping the millions without health insurance and switching the U.S. to greater dependence on alternative energy sources is crucial to the nation's economic well-being. "

So it is not his or his parties fault and It will take lots of time to fix. Never faced it before so never before seen solutions. Great?!

Preview of Obama's Speech
"It is befuddling that the public continues placing great trust in Obama to make the right economic decisions despite not having liked his previous ones very much."

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