Friday, December 5, 2008

Responsive Goverment Or Parroting the Drooling Idiocracy

Being responsive to the people sounds really good and it can be. As of late that has taken the form of parroting every ignorant half truth that is drooled out. Congress should be listening and using the great or informing the drool. It's leadership once again. Leaders learn and teach not parrot. They should as well know there limits.

The limit in this case is the auto bail out /loan /loan guarantee /bridge loan /credit line /take your pick. I want to know who in Congress has run a multi-national company and who thinks they have any idea what the hell needs to be done to keep them going. On that note just give them a loan, make it so we are paid first if they go under and leave them ALONE! Frankly if I ran one of these companies I would tell Congress where they could stick it. One of many jobs I would be fired from in the first week.

We operate in a free market. You congress have continually messed with our industry though union support, fuel efficiency/green nonsense, general uncertainty of ever shifting rules and (not Congress) general interference of local/state laws. Get off our backs! We greatly appreciate the infrastructure, protection of the armed services, the great people that joined us after they finished their service, general civil order and all that is required fora generally stable society. Thank you. However WE will stand or fall without your help outside of that now. Get off our backs keep your money, the green money as well. Despite everything you pile on, every road block you put up and ignorant or misinformed law you pass we will succeed! We will stand of fail with our suppliers, employees, management, products and customers. Thank You very much but no thank you.

I can have my dreams can't I. I hope that some day those with a little more honor, integrity and self reliance out number those with just enough to get by. Leadership at all levels. Dreams. They are a nice brake.

Parroting the drooling idiocracy. Big busies is not evil. Big business is big.

Private jets are not breaking the companies. Should the executives of a failing company spend 10 hours driving to D.C. and back? They just pissed two days away, it is a giant waste of time. They use the jets for a reason. Efficiency.

Advertisement, also serves a purpose. Ford I think stopped advertising for a number of years and after a while lost a large amount of market share. It is the height of arrogance to think you can just make things and the people will come running especially if they don't know your there. So Citi Bank having their name on a stadium? A great and unbelievable opportunity. I Hate it. I think it cheapens the stadium. That doesn't mean it is bad for the company. How many times will your name be mentioned? How much air time will you get during the games. What about playoffs or the world series? The record books? All the other events that go on there? What would that cost the company? What of word of mouth? Not of what the company does but just the name. It is the biggest kind of political yard sign in the world.

Among CEOs not doing enough, varied laws, union crap both ways and varied other nonsense one stands out. They did not move to fuel efficiency green cars fast enough. My TV usually cries every time some one even hints at this. Not because it knows better, it is very afraid. Afraid that at least it will get yelled at and at worst suddenly disassembles with a bat, ground to little pieces under my feet, and set on fire. It has come close to its end many and survived. After Congressman Frank on Larry King said exactly that that was the whole problem it needed stiff drink and a day off. It is better, it's muted most days.

Fuel efficiency. uh? Clearly I am not against pollution control. Pol lu tion. Mercury, lead, sulfur and others. Not Freak'n CO2.

Fuel efficiency. That is the problem. Why didn't you pass a law Congress. That would fix it. So its your mistake using your logic. (I don't have a bat your fine.)

What is it gotten use. Some good yes. It has also contributes to the crappy cars of the 80's and the complicated hard and expensive cars to fix. I had a used1988 domestic with one of the early aluminum heads. Nice idea horrible in practice, they figured it out eventually only after most warped and had to be replaced. Replacing that thing was a nightmare. Why aluminum heads, fuel efficiency. Why fiberglass panels, bumpers that cost thousands to fix, computer controlled to with in an inch of its life, hundreds for maintenance every 30 thousand miles, and virtual impossibility to fix them yourself? I spent half a day replacing two belts on my current car. I am not a mechanic but half a day for two freak'n belts. Take my self reliance away I don't care. (Oh don't cry you didn't do it this time.) How much money has been lost to all this? Could the car companies made and done more if they didn't spend so much time on Congressional mandated crap. People wanted fuel efficient car in the early eighties Congress didn't need to pass a law the market took care of it.

The other TV destroying piece of info (no no your fine) is that the hybrids still cost more than the non hybrids. Up until recently few wanted them. What were they supposed to do. Make cars that were, or would have been, massively more expensive that no one wanted. They would be out of business now. Fields fill with great fuel efficient cars that cost 60, 100 thousand dollars. That would be great. I seem to remember a story 3 yrs ago about a sports car that ran on batteries. Good, but the batteries cost about a million dollars. The tech has been too expensive or just didn't exist 5 years let alone in the 80's. As far as I can see most of it still is extremely problematic and the car companies are going to be pushed in to another round of crappy cars and finally out of business.

Congress, Parroting the drooling idiocracy of America till there is no America left.

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