Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have your Auto Bail Out and EAT IT TOO!

Just to be clear if I ramble. No bail out and take the greeny money too. The cost of your company failing is bankruptcy. Go into chapter 11, change the UAW deals($73 per hr. really), change the contracts with the dealer, close some dealers and fire the management. If you have to guarantee a loan and the warranties once they do, fine. If you can do that without the chapter 11, that is not fair and a bad president, fine. Many have made points including Romney: Let Detroit go bankrupt his NYT op-ed and Ace of Spades with:
"Detroit has not been able to make decent entry level cars for a long, long time. Two generations of Americans have learned to avoid low-cost American cars at all costs. They're simply crappy cars -- to offset the big additional labor costs, they have to go with the cheapest possible parts. They can compete in quality or they can compete on costs, but not both. (I think they actually half-compete on both, resulting in cars that are still a thousand or $1500 more than Japanese cars of that class, but still a lot less car for the money.)"
What you can't do? Force them to switch from gas hogs that no one wants to green weeny-mobiles that no one wants. Congress can keep their own crap together. They Can Not run an auto company. Fuel efficient cars are great, and they are trying. A massive refit to meet the Green left's ideas about fictional global warming crisis means that we will own the mess that will be the auto industry.
Mass money to refit to make cars no one may want. If it fails it will be on us, I mean Congress. Then what? Kick out all foreign cars? Raise tariffs? Who the hell knows. Do Not Bail Them OUT! Clear?

Hopefully you know all that. The insanity is wanting two bail outs and not accepting one. Parts Of D.C. have been screaming that they must bail out the auto industry. I am try not to use "the Left". The industry will fail we will use 3 million jobs, use your own inflated numbers, and you won't be able to get your car fixed. You can get it fixed the warranty might be sketchy. It would be cheaper to have a non dealer fix it for the car companies or the new USA Car Company.

If it is so vital just free up the green grant money. For some reason they can't do it. Are they trying to protect future money they know the big 3 will need? Do they know that if they can not get money now they can not get it latter? Will it be to late when Obama takes office if they give up on the second bail out now. Why? Can the car companies not fail of is it the unions?

If the big three have to be saved why not free up the green money now?

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